Java developer állás Állás

Megjelenés dátuma: 2023. szeptember 15.

Azonosító: 12188 Helyszín: Remote Feladat: Java fejlesztés

We are looking for a talented individual with expertise in Java and Kotlin, as your mastery of these languages is the cornerstone of our mission to create scalable and maintainable backend solutions. Our partner works in the fiancial sector.


  • Java / Kotlin: Your proficiency in Java and Kotlin is essential for developing scalable and maintainable backend solutions. These languages will be the foundation upon which our systems are built.
  • Spring Boot: Experience with Spring Boot is a significant asset. This framework simplifies and accelerates the development of robust and high-performance backend services, allowing you to focus on delivering value.
  • Git Version Control: Proficient use of Git for version control is crucial for efficient collaboration with team members, ensuring code integrity, and facilitating seamless code integration.
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment): Familiarity with CI/CD practices is highly desirable. You will have the opportunity to work with tools such as Azure DevOps Boards and Pipelines, as well as ArgoCD, to automate and streamline our development processes, ensuring rapid and reliable deployments.
  • Unit Testing with JUnit and Mockito: Ensuring the quality and reliability of our backend code is paramount. You will utilize JUnit and Mockito to develop comprehensive unit tests and mock dependencies, enabling thorough testing of your code.
  • RESTful API Development: Proficiency in designing, implementing, and maintaining RESTful APIs is a key aspect of this role. You will be responsible for creating the interfaces that allow our frontend and other services to interact with the backend seamlessly.
  • Your role as a Backend Developer will contribute significantly to our mission of delivering high-quality software solutions. Your knowledge and expertise will help shape our backend infrastructure, ensuring it aligns with best practices and industry standards while consistently meeting our performance and reliability requirements.

More information

  • Full remote position
  • Projects lasts for 6 months
  • Contractors and employees also welcome
  • Fluent English is a must

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