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Megjelenés dátuma: 2024. március 28.

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We are looking for an Infrastructure Solution Architect to join our international partners team to Budapest, with 3-4 days/week home-office opportunity.
Our partner has been active in the enterprise IT infrastructure services market in Hungary and the Central European region Since 2003, offering design, implementation, consulting, supervision, and operational services.

The selection process consists of 2, maximum 3 rounds of interviews.
Projects are related to the banking and utilities sector. Market demand and your experience will determine which project you are placed on. The IT team consists of 30 members.
Quarterly one-day business trips to neighboring countries (e.g., Slovenia) may occur. However, we still welcome your application even if you cannot commit to this.

Role and Responsibilities
Infrastructure Solution Architecting is a specialised discipline that melds network and systems engineering to develop, orchestrate, and manage large-scale, resilient infrastructure solutions. This role demands a profound technical acumen, stellar planning, coordination, and communication skills, and the capacity to engage effectively within teams.

Primary Responsibility
Establish and nurture robust, trusted relationships with clients at all levels, including CIO and IT department heads. Collaborate with client-side stakeholders, internal architects, and subject matter experts across various domains to devise and implement optimised, resilient infrastructure solutions addressing the complex requirements of our clients businesses.


  • 5-10+ years of infrastructure architecture experience, focusing on backup solutions, database management, virtualisation, and container orchestration. (Proficiency in a minimum of 2-3 areas out of the listed 4-6 is required. Additionally, openness to acquiring expertise in the remaining areas is necessary.)
  • Proficient in English and Hungarian
  • Driving license
  • EU citizenship
  • Demonstrated experience in designing and managing resilient, scalable infrastructure solutions.
  • Proficiency in relevant technologies such as VEEAM, Spectrum Protect, Oracle DB, OLVM/KVM, and OpenShift.
  • Strong planning, coordination, and communication skills, capable of engaging effectively at all organisational levels.
  • Experience in client-facing roles, with a proven track record of building and maintaining client relationships.
  • Ability to work effectively independently and as part of a diverse, distributed team.

Nice to have

  • Bachelors degree in computer science, Information Technology, or a related field.


  • Architect critical elements of the infrastructure, encompassing areas such as data protection and recovery, database management, virtualisation, and container orchestration.
  • Provide technical leadership and guidance to the infrastructure development and operation teams.
  • Conduct design and architecture reviews, ensuring adherence to enterprise-wide standards.
  • Engage with clients and business representatives to thoroughly understand business needs and objectives.
  • Align infrastructure design with business requirements, ensuring scalability, performance, and resilience.
  • Participate actively in pre-sales activities, including customer presentations at the CIO level, to articulate the value and architecture of proposed solutions.
  • Develop detailed solution proposals and architecture briefs for complex infrastructure challenges.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing within the company, contributing to a repository of best practices, reusable components, and thought leadership through blogs, white papers, case studies, etc.
  • Document the processes, procedures, and standards related to infrastructure solution development.
  • Provide input in the pre-sales phase, guiding technical teams with insights and strategy.

What They Offer

  • You will receive a competitive salary Annual salary review, taking inflation into account.
  • You will drive in style Enjoy using a company car with a free parking spot. (A fuel card will be provided even if you do not request a car.)
  • You will be working in a hybrid way 3-4 days of home office per week are provided
  • You will be challenged Engage in projects where the stakes are high, demanding well-crafted architecture and unwavering availability.
  • You wont be alone Join an experienced team bolstered by subject matter experts across all necessary technologies.
  • You will have room to grow Seize opportunities to explore a variety of technologies and embark on new projects, avoiding the monotony of long-term assignments to a single project.
  • You are encouraged to test and experiment Access to a dedicated on-premise test environment featuring a range of technologies allows for exploring your innovative ideas and experiments.
  • You will continue learning Allocate dedicated time for education and learning in your speciality area, plus explore an additional field of interest.

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